Be cautious when practicing Vigor Yoga

Be cautious when practicing Vigor Yoga

“Vital Yoga has a lot of jumping movements, which can easily damage the joints, knee joints and periosteum of beginners.

“Experts remind beginners of yoga that they must choose their teachers carefully when practicing energetic yoga. If the teacher does not instruct them properly, they will be injured.

  Vitality Yoga is a very good exercise method, but if the warm-up is not enough before the exercise, the joints, ligaments and blood circulation are not warmed up, and the teacher’s guidance during the exercise is not good, it will turn good things into bad things.

Experts also point out that yoga is not full of energy, and all yoga exercises can cause injury if not done properly.

“The clinic also encountered patients who suffered knee injuries and strained muscles and ligaments as a result of practicing yoga. These people were all young women.

The reason for their injuries was that they practiced too hurriedly. They pressed their legs and stretched violently during the practice, which caused their lack of physical injuries.

“Experts analyze that beginners with less exercise and poor physical fitness are most likely to be injured.

However, the reason for their injuries is often due to improper teaching methods of the teachers, not the scholars themselves.

“Beginners have relatively stiff bones. If they do not fully warm up, they are eager to perform difficult movements such as pulling and twisting. The teacher did not consider the flexibility of the scholar’s body when correcting academic movements. Pulling hard and pushing hard will make a certainThe “bow” at the office was broken.

  ”In fact, for each trainer, as long as he can replace his movements, whether his limbs can be bent to 30 or 90 degrees, the results are the same. They have achieved relaxation of body and mind, regulation of breathing, circulation, etc.The role of the system.

“Experts say that if a beginner is just muscle soreness and not injury, it is only that muscle fatigue can relieve itself; if a certain part is painful, there is a needle tingling, soft tissues swell, and local numbness and other symptoms, it is clear that they have been injured.
At this time, you should stop practicing and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

  Experts wake up women who are preparing to practice yoga. They must tell the teacher their own medical history before practice. Any physical discomfort should be informed to the teacher, otherwise the teacher will not understand the physical condition of this book and will be injured due to the neglect of potential diseases when instructing the practice.

During your own practice, you must follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress. Do not forcefully pull or twist your body.