Attentive mother pays attention to why cute babies often runny

Attentive mother pays attention to why cute babies often runny

Children’s nasal mucosal blood vessels are richer than adults, and secretions are also shortened. In addition, the nervous system’s regulation of nasal mucosal secretion and ciliary movement is not sound, and children are not good at blowing their noses, so they often runny noses. This is normal.The physiological phenomenon, don’t worry.

  If a child’s nostrils hang two lines of runny nose or run through a yellow-green pus nose all day long, that is a pathological manifestation.

Long-term pus-like yellow-green snot may cause paranasal sinusitis.

Frequent runny nose, possibly due to lack of vitamin A and vitamin B, treatment with these two vitamins can be effective.

Allergic to inhaled dust, a large amount of nasal discharge can be caused in a short time.

A small number of children with foreign bodies in the nasal cavity often have a runny nose.

  Some children with nasopharyngeal lymphadenopathy often have a runny nose, but they are also accompanied by signs of severe snoring, dull face, and small flat nose, which can seriously affect development and posture, and should be treated in time.

  In short, children with runny nose should be treated according to the cause.

Normally strengthening cold hardening exercises, allowing children to move to the abdomen, keeping the air fresh and reasonable nutrition can help prevent runny noses in children.