Evening exercise is better for fitness

Evening exercise is better for fitness

Morning exercise may cause high blood pressure.

This view is based on years of research by medical institutions in the United States.

Relevant research institutes in Japan also made a similar point: Morning exercises are not scientific, and exercise is best done at night.

  The human body is the “biological clock” and forms a certain biological rhythm.

Rhythm shows: In the evening, indicators such as physical strength reach the target.

  Such as heartbeat, the best time to regulate blood pressure is in the evening, the body ‘s oxygen saturation is in the evening, and the evening is still the time when hormones and enzymes in the body are in the best state. People’s various feelings such as sight, touch, and olfactory are at their peak.Regular exercise is more healthy.

  Some medical institutions have carried out research.

The summary shows that the blood viscosity increases by 6% in the morning, and the number of platelets in the blood decreases by 20% in the evening. The morning exercise may increase the risk of thrombosis, so it is better to exercise in the evening.