NBA regular season preview 10th 10-30 video live Timberwolves vs Warriors

NBA regular season preview at 10:30 on the 12th video live Timberwolves vs Warriors
At 10:30 on April 12, Beijing time, Sina Sports will broadcast the NBA regular season video for you, and the Golden State Warriors will host the Minnesota Timberwolves at home.Kneeling to watch Curry    Warriors have locked the league record first, it can be said that the outcome of the next three games is no longer important for them.So, will Curry choose a holiday?In the latest issue of the official MVP list, Curry also surpassed Harden and successfully reached the top.However, as long as the regular season is not over, Curry and Harden’s MVP battle will not stop.Will Curry continue to add chips to the competition for MVP?  The wolf pack at the bottom of the west is already a wailing. Five generals including Rubio and Pekovic have suffered different degrees of injury, leaving only Wiggins to support them.Today, they lost to the Lakers and suffered a nine-game losing streak.Tomorrow, they will face the first warrior in the league. Life is so difficult. Could Curry continue to deliver MVP performance?Stay tuned for the exciting live NBA games brought to you by Sina Sports!(Waka)