Yu Wenguan announced a four-month pay cut, saving 90 million euros

Prior to Juventus ‘announcement, Ronaldo and other players had taken the initiative to request a pay cut.Figure / Osports Early this morning, Juventus issued a notice on salary reduction. Through the club and the first team players and coaches, the whole team reached an agreement: the rest of the season, that is, the salary will be suspended from March to June.This will save the club about 90 million euros.Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the European League has been suspended, which has caused a huge impact on the finances of football clubs in Europe and the world.Before the final decision was released, there were reports that Juve captain Chiellini and the team communicated about the salary reduction. Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo voluntarily gave up 4 million euros in salary (about 1.5 months salary),To respond to Captain Chiellini’s call, in addition, Buffon and Bonucci also expressed their willingness to accept a salary reduction.The Juventus team hopes to support the club with practical actions to overcome the difficulties together.Juventus said in the announcement that the club will reach a final personal agreement with players and coaches in accordance with the current terms in the coming weeks.If this season restarts, the club will negotiate with the first team members again to raise the salary level again.According to “Milan Sports News” statistics, Juventus total salary expenditure reached 2 in the season.9.4 billion euros, the club with the highest salary expenditure in Serie A, one higher than Inter Milan, which ranks second.5.5 billion euros.Among the top 11 Serie A top-paid players, except Lukaku, the remaining 10 players are all from Juventus, with Ronaldo leading.In the announcement, Juve also expressed gratitude to the first-team coaches and players who are willing to accept the salary reduction policy and advance and retreat with the club.According to Juventus official statistics, this salary reduction decision will gradually save Juventus 90 million euros of funds, greatly reducing the club’s debt burden.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Han Shuangming proofread He Yan