War Epidemic Diary · Business — March 20

March 20, 2020 【Resume work】 restaurants resumed in many shopping mall restaurants in Beijing.On March 20, the Beijing Huiju Center announced that 40 restaurants in the mall had resumed dine-in.In the sauna, Yewang was informed that more than 40 restaurants in Joy City, Chaoyang, Beijing, and more than 60 restaurants in Huaxi LIVE Wukesong, announced the resumption of dinning on March 19.At present, restaurants that open for dine-in, in addition to ensuring the dining and service details of customers in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments, also order food by scanning codes and seating in separate places to avoid avoiding contact.Beijing Zoo opens on March 23 The Beijing Zoo released an announcement on March 20, saying that from March 23, the park will officially open to the public to visit the area.Visitors must make a time-of-day appointment to purchase tickets on the WeChat public account of the “Beijing Zoo Ticketing Platform” more than 1 day in advance, and enter the park with their ID cards.【Convenience】 Beijing extended the central heating supply of residents to March 31st and March 20th, a press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing.Sauna, Yewang learned from the press conference that Beijing extended the central heating of residents until March 31.The residence permit for the epidemic period was extended by 30 days. On March 20, the sauna and Yewang learned from the Ministry of Public Security that the Ministry of Public Security launched 15 measures to facilitate public security management during the epidemic prevention and control period.The residence permit is valid for 30 days longer.It is mentioned that for the residence permit that expires during the epidemic prevention and control period, the validity period is extended to 30 days after the end of the epidemic, and the residence time limit for the endorsement and disposal within 30 days is continuously calculated.[Support]Carrefour purchases Pinggu slow-selling vegetables. On March 19, Carrefour North China received a request for assistance in the sales of a ball lettuce. Carrefour North China purchasing person contacted Cui Jiazhuang. Through communication, the ball lettuce is currently in the ground due to laborInsufficient, buyers need to pick, pack, and transport.The head of Carrefour’s procurement in North China coordinated various departments, raised manpower, trucks, etc., and arrived at Pinggu Cui Gezhuang Village this morning.The first batch of 4,000 pounds of lettuce purchased will be sold at the Carrefour Beijing-Tianjin store on March 21.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Jie editor Li Yang proofreading Liu Baoqing