Man: Cherish your paperback wife

Man: Cherish your paperback wife

“How do other people’s wives look, feel comfortable, and keep their eyes good.

How does my wife feel uncomfortable and unpleasant? ”I have been in the office for a long time, and I often hear voices from male colleagues.

This is a joke for men. After hearing it a little, I couldn’t laugh at all.

  I don’t know who said a more incisive sentence: Married men see women in the office in hardcover, but their wives are in paperback.

  Although this sentence is humorous, it still makes some sense.

The female colleague is so-called: No wonder men are fancy, they leave early and return late, we leave late and return early.

Other people’s wives (that is, hardcover women) are always a fascinating view in the eyes of men.

  In fact, this is the true portrayal of women’s lives in marriage and family.

A woman who wants to live a delicate life can’t look at her home all day long like a vase, but still has to pay a lot of labor and productivity to make a home sweet and warm.

Unless this woman has a wealth of money and pride, she will live with food to open her mouth, clothes to reach out, and someone to wait for.

However, it seems that women with such conditions are not many in our society today. Therefore, if a married man marries a diligent and clean woman, then when she does not go out at home,Most will be paperback women.

  In a society where men and women are equal, men go to work and women go to work, but when men return home from work, they can still lie down on the sofa in a suit and shoes, watch TV, read a newspaper, or keep their eyes closed to raise their souls and drink.Tea, women ca n’t do it. As soon as a woman leaves the office, she starts to figure out the day-to-day “work” procedures at home. Shopping, cooking, laundry, mopping the floor, all must be arranged so that the family strength can be very good.

  Washing and cooking, mopping the floor, carrying children, and sometimes even planting flowers and plants, she can no longer wear the elegant suits at work, which will restrict her hands and feet, and the price paid will be very heavy.

She also ca n’t use the light makeup to please herself. She knows that perspiration is inserted into the pores of the cosmetics, and the skin will become rough and rough. If so, the money spent in the beauty salon every week will be wasted.

Therefore, the hardcover wife in the eyes of others, after returning home from work, first put on casual clothes, wash away the plum blossoms, change the hardcover version, and then stretch the limbs, relax the nerves, with a day of fatigue, but seemingly casualAnd the duties of a happy wife and mother.

By the time my dear husband came home, his wife was now a yellow-faced woman, in a completely paperback version.

And the next morning, when a man went out to work, the paperback version of his wife had n’t had time to pack himself, he was urged to do this and that. When the man went out, he could easily modify his beauty, but his own manCan’t see it anymore.

Therefore, the married man has the classic emotion above.

  Of course, it doesn’t matter if men say something weird, but they are afraid that they don’t get the feeling right.

Maybe the paperback wife in your house might be the hardcover woman in the eyes of other men as soon as you go out.

There is a poem that says well, I don’t know the true face of Lushan, and I just live in this mountain.

Similarly, a woman you think is a hardback will have a paperback side.

This reminds me of a story I had seen before: how a man looks at a female colleague in his office, how he feels beautiful, the clothes are decent, and the makeup is exquisite.

And his wife did n’t look good, especially in the morning, when she did n’t have time to wash her face, she was busy preparing breakfast for her child and family. He felt more and more unacceptable from the heart.How is my wife.

So I went to the house of a female colleague early in the morning. It happened that the female colleague, like her wife, was wearing pajamas and had eye drops in her eyes. She was busy preparing breakfast for her family and children.

The man understood everything at first glance.

  It turns out that women are like wind and wind, so they are very malleable.

  It should be said that it is a blessing for a man to have a paperback wife. Such women are mostly gracious, frugal, caring, understanding, and understand the true meaning of life.

She will be willing to sacrifice her rest and enjoyment time to create a comfortable and warm nest for you and your family, so that you and your family will have a sense of security and comfort throughout life.

  Therefore, a man must cherish his wife in paperback. A woman is a book. Whether it is paperback or hardcover, you must know how to appreciate it. After all, the content is the most important.