4 easy to get angry in winter

4 easy to get angry in winter

Winter is a season that is easy to get angry. “Ignite” is a Chinese medical term. It is an internal fever that occurs after the imbalance of yin and yang of the human body. If there is a dry throat, red eyes, hot nasal cavity, dry mouth, tongue pain, and rotten mouth,Nosebleeds, toothaches and other symptoms are regarded by Chinese medicine as “getting angry”.

It is imperative to take various natural and delicious methods to “fire out”.

  The first fire: stomach fire, stomach fire, gingival swelling and pain symptoms: gastrointestinal symptoms are burning stomach pain, abdominal distension, dry mouth bad breath, loose stools, constipation, gingival swelling and pain, bad appetite, etc.

Stomach fire is also divided into two types: deficiency and cough, with deficiency of cough, poor appetite, constipation, bloating, red tongue, and less moss; actual fire manifests as epigastric discomfort, dry and bitter mouth, and dry stool.

  Stomach fire is stomach heat.

For the irritability caused by improper diet, such as alcoholism, spicy food, and thick taste of glutinous rice, TCM is called stomach fire, which is usually caused by hot and humid, and food stagnation.

At the same time, fire and gas are also caused by the three reasons of the amount, quality and time of diet.

Those with mild stomach fire may seem to be unable to eat forever, in fact, it is the illusion of stomach heat to the brain; when the fire reaches a certain stage, the stomach will become inflamed, and it will become unable to eat anything.

Chinese medicine believes that the regulation of stomach fire should properly observe the principles of clearing heat and stagnation. It is necessary to control diet, eat too hot things, eat less sweet food, and add yellow-green vegetables and seasonal fruits to the diet to supplement vitamins and inorganicInsufficient salt and due attention to oral hygiene.

In terms of medicinal treatment, we can use diarrhea, wicker flower, lotus seed core, Ophiopogon, etc.

  Food for lowering fire: fresh radish juice, mung bean porridge, watermelon watermelon juice. Modern research shows that radish has a significant antibacterial effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that radish juice is spicy, sweet, cold, returned to the lungs, and the stomach, and those who have stomach fire can place radish juice for conditioning treatment.

However, those with spleen and stomach deficiency type cold sores should not take it.

Mung bean porridge has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and quenching thirst, clearing heart and purging fire, and clearing heart and stomach fire.

Lotus seeds, coriander seeds, and Huaishan are all spleen appetizers. Western cabbage, lettuce, lettuce, tomatoes, coriander, etc. are all foods that are good for digestion.

Excessive stomach fire can also reduce stomach fire by eating watermelon in the winter season.

  Second Fire: Liver, Liver, Fire, Headache, Dizziness, Symptoms: Headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, pain in both ribs, sleep instability, hot body, thickened tongue coating.

  Liver fire is mostly caused by external stimuli, so it is very important to adjust your emotions and stabilize your emotions. Anxiety will add fuel to the fire. Keeping your mood comfortable will help regulate the anger in the body.

Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can also lead to an increase in anger.

Often staying up late will disrupt the normal work and rest time of the human body, the liver can not rest and detoxify as scheduled, so they have to work overtime to remove impurities and toxins accumulated in the body, which will undoubtedly increase the burden on the liver itself.

To prevent liver fire, in addition to getting enough sleep and relaxing, some simple herbs or food can also help to clear the fire. In some medicinal treatments, those with too hot liver can use flat chrysanthemums such as golden chrysanthemum flowers, brook yellow grass, prunella, white peonyBreathing herbs and decoction.

Do not eat spicy, fishy, sour and sour, fried foods, as well as mutton, sea shrimp, fatty meat, black plum, etc., so as not to add oil to the fire.

  Food for lowering fire: Fritillaria chuanxiong rock sugar pear juice, Chinese wolfberry chrysanthemum tea, Chinese wolfberry chrysanthemum tea pear, rich in sugar and vitamins, have liver protection and help digestion.

Both chrysanthemum and wolfberry are Chinese herbal medicines for eye protection, especially Liver Huowang. The dry eyes caused by excessive eyes have better curative effect.

Eat more fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, such as cucumbers, oranges, bitter gourds, figs, pea sprouts, chives, etc., all have a good fire-clearing effect.

Carrots are also very effective in supplementing the body’s vitamin B and avoiding chapped lips.

In addition, you can take a variety of cooling powders, such as Xia Sang Ju Ju granules, Jin Ju granules, etc., which are also effective for “Qing Huo”.

Chinese medicine also believes that nourishing liver can eat more pig liver or chicken liver, which is especially suitable for those with dizziness and brain swelling, red eyes and dry eyes, who often use the brain.

  The third fire: heart fire heart fire facial red thirst performance symptoms: upset irritability, facial red thirst, heart irritability, insomnia, dry urine and blood, tongue sores, skin ulcers.

Heart fire is divided into two types, which are hypothermia, night sweats, upset, dry mouth, etc .; real fires are repeated oral ulcers, dry mouth, short urination, and irritability.

  Rising fire can cause oral disease.

Chinese medicine reminds the need to control emotions, reduce tension, and less troublesome.

In particular, reduce the anxiety of indecision, complicated handling, and many interpersonal relationships, so as not to get angry and induce heart and brain diseases.

Heart fire prevention measures are mainly to maintain a good attitude, moderate temperature, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy things, ban alcohol and exercise more.

Use Coptis chinensis, lotus seed core and other drugs to clear the heart and relieve fire.

  Food for lowering fire: Bingtang lotus seed soup, Lily Tremella jade bamboo soup Bingtang lotus seed soup For heart fire, you can eat more cold and bitter foods, such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, lily, kuding tea, eat more jujube,Red dates, lilies or clean animal placenta nourish the heart and kidney.

People who have a rising fire can often drink the pure-hearted and moisturizing sugar candy lotus seed soup. The Compendium of Materia Medica records that the lotus seeds “remove the heart from the heat”, in addition to irritating the heat, clearing the fire, and nourishing the heart, soothing the nerves.Good morning treatment.

Lily is slightly cold and non-toxic, tonics and clears the heart, removes annoyance and soothe the nerves. The sweet soup made with lily, white fungus, and jade bamboo has the effect of clearing the heart and nourishing yin.Those who are in need of fire can often drink bamboo leaves, licorice, rushes, raw land, and tea made from Ophiopogon, which has the effect of clearing the heart and reducing fire.

  The fourth fire: lung fire, lung fire, fire, dry throat, pain and symptoms: dry throat, cough, chest pain, dry cough without sputum or sputum, but sticky, dry mouth and nose, hot flashes, night sweats, hot hands and feet, insomnia, red tongue.

  Although the winter is cold, but people wear more clothes, warmer houses, less activities, high dietary content, heat is easy to accumulate in the body, so the phenomenon of lung fire in the winter can also be flourishing.

Chinese medicine believes that the main skin of the lungs does not prevent the proper eating of foods that are cool in nature, such as white radish, white fungus, Chinese cabbage, celery, spinach, winter bamboo shoots, bananas, apples, lilies, star fruit, coriander. Drink more water and eat less meat.And chocolate and other foods.

In addition to lung fire, you can also use breathing cough and lung washing method, through deep breathing and active cough, to help the respiratory tract discharge secretions and enhance immunity.

Alternate the place where the air is fresh, repeatedly inhale and exhale, try to expel the lungs, and actively cough a few times a day, which is also an active protective reflex action, which can effectively clean the lungs.

If the lung is hot and closed, you can take Tongxuanli Fei Wan, Ma Xing Shi Gan Cao Decoction under the guidance of a doctor, and you can take Yang Yin Qing Fei Oral Liquid or Jin Guo Yin, etc.

The medicines also include Baiwei and Digupi, among which there is laxative lung heat.

  Food for lowering fire: pig liver wolfberry, Luo Han Guo pig lung soup, pig liver wolfberry, wolfberry is cool, can clear liver and kidney, lower lung fire, and eat pig liver can also go to lung fire.

Chinese medicine believes that Luo Han’s fruit is sweet and cool, and has the effects of clearing heat and cooling blood, clearing the lungs and relieving cough, moisturizing the bowel, or treating hoarseness, cough, and sore throat caused by wind and heat hitting the lungs.

Eating pig lungs can also clear the lung heat.