Is the shower head a healthy killer?

Is the shower head a healthy killer?

The latest research by American scientists has found that showers may harm people’s health. This is because shower nozzles can easily become a hotbed for germs. Germs can enter the body through splashing water, which can easily lead to lung diseases. Patients with abnormal immune systems are particularly vulnerableStroke.

Scientists suggest that ordinary households can avoid this risk by frequently cleaning the nozzles or replacing the metal nozzles.

  Researchers at the University of Colorado have found that Mycobacterium avium in shower heads is 100 times higher than tap water.

Mycobacterium avium likes to grow in a warm, dark, overlapping environment, and shower heads provide this environment.

Long-term exposure to this bacterium can cause persistent mild lung infections in healthy people. Symptoms of infection include feeling tired, weak, persistent dry cough, and shortness of breath.

For older people with tuberculosis and people with immune system problems, it can lead to more severe lung damage.

  In the study, scientists examined 45 nozzle nozzles from 10 regions in the United States to look for pathogens related to lung diseases.

It was found that more than 20% of the nozzles had a large number of Mycobacterium avium aggregates.

  Norman Pace, a molecular biologist at the University of Colorado who led the study, believes that this is a serious public health problem because many people have a dry cough that is most likely caused by infection with Mycobacterium avian in the shower.