8 types of psychological errors cause depression and depression

8 types of psychological errors cause depression and depression

Many criminals have a kind of psychological cognitive errors, and this kind of errors can cause distorted unhealthy psychology. When people’s emotions are in a state of worry or depression, their thinking is often lacking in logic and appears.Negative emotions or behavioral abnormalities.

  There are generally eight kinds of phenomena that cause this psychological cognitive error: 1. Extremes: This phenomenon manifests itself as extremes, which is either the other or the white or the black.

This kind of person feels a complete failure in the face of frustration. The boots feel that they have no value and lose confidence.

  2. Color-changing mirrors: Some people always want to be negative when they are in trouble, like wearing a pair of color-changing mirrors to see the problem, filtering out all the light, and the whole world looks dull.

  3. Formulation: Think that once things happen once, they will continue to recur.

If you encounter difficulties and misfortunes in your life, you will think that difficulties will happen repeatedly.

  4. Suspicious disease: Some people are trouble-free, worrying that they will be seriously ill all day long. When things happen, they are often self-assertive, subjective, and worrying.

  5. Fallacies: Some people take general negligence, lack, frustration and difficulties too seriously, and seem to cause irreversible mistakes.

In life, we always over-exaggerate our shortcomings and underestimate our own strengths.

  6. False Qi: This is a kind of artificial emotional disorder. It treats the sincere compliments of others as flattery, and thinks of normal interpersonal relationships, complaining of baselessness or cynicism without foundation, causing the original emotional tension.

  7, inferiority: Some people always take the initiative to assume the responsibility of others, and in the name of arrogance, think that all bad results are caused by their own fault and incompetence.

Deformed inferiority and guilt may lead to deformed personality and excessive sense of responsibility and obligation.


This feeling is particularly active when the mood is low.

  The above misunderstandings have led many people to depression and unable to extricate themselves.

Depression is called “mental influenza” in western society. Its spread is wide and it is easy to be affected. It can be seen from the word “flu”.

  To eliminate depression, in addition to medical treatment, a cognitive psychotherapy method advocated by psychiatrist Dr. Allen Baker can be used to let the depression adjust his own emotions and gradually improve his mood, so as to return to lifejoy.
In order to eliminate depression, the depressed person should first stop complaining about himself and the world around him, make clear his own cognitive errors, and think based on his feelings.

Because feelings are not equal to facts.

  In fact, when you are worried about depression, there are 5 key steps to keep in mind: 1. Focus on those naturally negative thoughts and write them down so that they do not occupy your brain.

  2. Read the 8 patterns of cognitive distortion mentioned in this article to find out exactly how you misinterpret the facts.

Be sure to hit the key.

  3. Replace distorted cognition with more objective thoughts, and thoroughly refute those fallacies that make you look down on yourself and find trouble yourself.

Once you begin these steps, you will feel energized, your self-esteem will increase, and your sense of worth will vanish.

  4. Develop a practical daily activity list, prepare a review after the end of each day, and analyze the diary, which not only allows you to be unwilling to do things and things you do n’t want to do, but also brings you post-activity satisfaction, and gradually eliminate laziness and guilt.
  5. Learn to praise, appreciate, and treat bad stimuli calmly to maintain emotional stability and a good mood.

It is not easy to correct illogical thinking and change the phenomenon of cognitive errors. Once you can make an objective analysis of the surroundings, you will have a correct understanding of real life.

Then, you will be in a world full of positive emotions, and your mood will suddenly open up.

Although there are such unsatisfactory things in life, it will not cause emotional frustration and lose the pursuit of a good mood in life due to temporary cognitive deviations.