The 4 major diets of ovarian cancer are contraindicated in the dietary principles of patients with ovarian cancer


The 4 major diets of ovarian cancer are contraindicated in the dietary principles of patients with ovarian cancer

Ovarian malignant tumor is one of the common malignant tumors of female reproductive organs, and its incidence rate ranks third only after cervical cancer and endometrial cancer.

However, the mortality of ovarian epithelial cancer accounts for the first place in all kinds of gynecological tumors, posing a serious threat to women’s lives.

Therefore, patients must actively receive treatment, but also pay attention to diet conditioning, then what are the dietary contraindications for ovarian cancer?

What are the basic dietary principles?

4 major dietary contraindications for ovarian cancer 1, avoid high fecal food.

In patients’ diets, high-fat foods should be contraindicated. For contaminated or moldy foods, prevent them from being harmful to the body. Women should have smoking and drinking habits should be strictly taboo to avoid health risks.

2, avoid greasy irritants.

Patients with ovarian cancer should try to avoid too much greasy and spicy food, try not to eat or eat too much animal droppings, with a light diet as the main mix, and high doses of lactose should also be avoided.

3, avoid female pork.

During the diet, patients should strictly avoid the intake of maternal pork, and supplement the supplemental foods of cellulose and trace elements. They should not be partial eclipse, not picky eaters. They should also avoid the intake of milk and eggs. It is advisable to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.Classes and foods that consume vitamins and proteins.

4, avoid smoked barbecue.

For smoked, marinated, spoiled, contaminated, fried, and foods that accompany nitrite should be avoided or not, and should be contraindicated when baking, to avoid cancer.

Dietary principles for patients with ovarian cancer 1. Patients with ovarian cancer should have a light diet, do not eat or eat high doses of lactose and excessive animal paralysis.

2, the diet is not partial, eat more cellulose, trace elements and cellulosic foods, such as mushrooms, soybeans, fresh vegetables, mushrooms and turtles, kelp, seaweed, oysters and so on.

3, do not eat smoked, mildew, foods containing nitrite, eat less fried, spicy, pickled food, no smoking, no smoking, no overeating.

4, ovarian cancer can not eat rehydration in the late stage or give high-nutrient infusion of veins.

5, in addition to milk, eggs, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, protein and vitamins, eat raw pork.

6, gradually should pay attention to multi-service body to regulate menstruation, nourishing liver and kidney products, such as pomegranate, mangosteen, longan, mulberry, black sesame, black fungus, mung bean, placenta, squid, squid.

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