Dark test strip tiger

Dark test strip tiger

At that time, I was experiencing the bottom of my life.

Sitting on the opposite side of my destiny, like a deep player, I can always see through my tricks, so that I will retreat and be surrounded by all sides.

  Due to mistakes in decision-making, the company faced a major crisis.

I convened all the think tanks of the company to discuss countermeasures, but no one can take a good step.

I told the secretary to turn off all the calls and I locked myself in a dark room.

In order to prevent myself from collapsing, I put a song that is easier.

As a result, I still feel a fear of a terrible disaster.

  The old father knew my breakthrough and took all the hard-earned pensions to help me solve my immediate needs.

But that money is a drop in the bucket for my company.

My father knocked at the door outside and knocked on the door for an hour. I was still indifferent.

The father was in a hurry. He smashed the glass with his fist. The wind swayed the curtains, and the light “哗” suddenly came in.

  I wrapped my father’s wound on my hand.

The father said that the darkness is not terrible. You see, I ran it with a fist?

I know the meaning implied in my father’s words, and I remember a past event many years ago.

  At that time I was still very young, only 8 years old.

Because of the evil at the political level and the Soviet Union, the war seems to be on the verge.

The whole country is busy preparing for war.

Our family bought a large bag of biscuits, which should be used from time to time.

One day, the broadcast noticed that the enemy planes were likely to fly over our city at night. In order to prevent the enemy planes from seeing targets that could be attacked, each household was not allowed to light, and the windows were covered with paper.Can’t have a little light.

  That night, all the houses were black, black and white everywhere, gloomy and terrifying.

  The adults gathered in the yard and looked at the sky with anxiety. Even the cigarettes did not dare to smoke, and the air was extremely tense.

We hid in the house, the atmosphere did not dare to go out, it was even more terrible.

Father said, don’t be afraid, the darkness will pass.

In order to alleviate our nervousness, he told us a simple story.

Gradually, we are no longer so scared.

When the alarm was lifted, people in the yard lit up a fire celebration.

Father smashed the window paper with his fingers, and the flame of the light illumined us all at once.

The father said, look, the darkness is not terrible, it will break at a glance.

  My father gave me the “golden idea” of wisdom, helped me to turn the tide and tide over the difficulties, but my father brought me a crutches with optimistic thoughts.

The crutches kept me from falling, and I saw the light of the summoning heart in the darkness of the tide.

So, I regrouped and started again.

Together with all the employees in the company, I have spent a lot of hard work and hard work. I finally passed the most difficult period and made the company return to the bright road.

  Everyone’s life will experience some darkness more or less.

In the face of darkness, King Arthur pessimistically said, “I don’t believe in heaven, because I have been trapped in this hell for too long.

Tagore is optimistic. If you can’t see the direction in the dark, please remove your ribs and light them as torches to illuminate the way you are going.

“This represents the face of darkness, people with two different mindsets.”

In my heart, the father’s simple words are remembered: Don’t be afraid, the darkness will break!