6 Standards for Children’s Mental Health

6 Standards for Children’s Mental Health

The signs of a child’s mental health are as follows: 1. Children with a strong curiosity have a wide range of interests, like observing things, love to use their brains, think quickly, want to learn everything, want to try everything, respond quickly to new things, dare to askYour own opinion.

  2, strong willpower, not afraid of difficulties and setbacks, do not stop until the goal is achieved, and never give up halfway.

Being able to control your own desires and behaviors according to your needs can eliminate external and internal disturbances and focus your attention on learning and work.

  3. Lively and optimistic, candidly communicate with people, easy-going, do not conceal one’s joy, anger, sorrow, and willingness to accept the opinions of others, and the bad emotions caused by difficulties and frustrations can be quickly released without stagnating.

  4, the balance of mind often maintain a cheerful and happy attitude, calm in case of trouble, rarely ups and downs, can reasonably analyze the problems encountered, and rarely show anxiety or depression.

  5, compassionate, willing to help others, happy to care for others, and often show “altruistic” and “prosocial” behavior.

  6, good interpersonal relationship, open-minded, that others can live in harmony with others.

Actively participate in collective activities and adapt to discipline constraints and behavioral norms.