How to get together with couples reveals secrets to teach you how to tie his heart

How to get together with couples reveals secrets to teach you how to tie his heart

The degree to which men love face makes us all unable to understand, but we cannot understand nor cannot support it, so we need to support this inherent characteristic of them.

Smart girls will know how to get along with couples and how to fall in love. It ‘s important for women to save face for men when they go out.

Company colleagues are in an overtime hour when they have dinner together. They often spend more time with their colleagues than with their wives. When the husband brings himself to a colleague’s party, do n’t miss it if your husband brags, do n’tBreak down, don’t hit your husband in front of colleagues, otherwise you will think you are a tigress and he will feel shameful.

Although you don’t think it’s okay, but your husband feels ashamed, how can you get along with colleagues in the future.

In front of the in-laws, everyone feels that their children are the best. In the face of the in-laws, all you have to do is try to praise your husband. Don’t stop your husband’s various bad, otherwise the in-laws’ impression of you is not very good.Well, it will even give a bad impression of you.

When a friend is visiting the house, when a friend is visiting the house, you may have a chat in the South and the North. At this time, you may ignore the husband. Your friend is not very familiar with him. What you have to do is how to let everyoneBecome familiar.

The topic of chat allows her husband to intervene, avoiding talking about skin care products and losing weight.

When you are in the outer layer, you must pay attention to your good image in the outer cocoa. Not only has you shaped yourself, but you have saved your husband’s face. You have never been hungry. Do n’t hurry and avoid gobbling, otherwise he will feel embarrassed.

When you repeatedly scrutinize one thing, and it’s all like sesame seeds, it looks annoying to men.

He healed and chose to be silent. The image of your chartered wife made men really wonder what to do.

Please give me more space. No one wants to do something wrong, but there is no way to do the wrong thing, so you are annoying to the man, it is better to let the other party be quiet. If the man chooses silence,Most of the time it is suggesting you, give him some space, and make everyone more comfortable.

When the two sides argue, when men feel unreasonable and quibble, they just choose to silence. They think that at this time, it is wrong to say one more word, so if you choose silence, don’t quarrel.

I’m tired of quarreling. When the young couple started to scream, he might answer you a few words, but in the end he might not speak, either because he was tired or he could be quiet.