Autumn Moisture Collection recommends 4 products

Autumn Moisture Collection recommends 4 products

Guide: When the skin feels thirsty, it can’t make it patient and wait.

How to take quick and timely response measures is the top priority.

Spray type lotion is a moisturizing product that is widely supported by readers. It can be used as a normal lotion, and can also be used for makeup and makeup after makeup. It is very popular.

Autumn Moisture Collection, take a look at these 4 keeping products right away.

  4 spray-type lotions1.

FANCL Brightening Moisturizing Spray New Crystal is not priced. It uses dual “nano” moisturizing ingredients “amino intercellular lipids” and “high permeability hyaluronic acid” to penetrate the skin with extremely fine molecules to relax the skin, quickly moisturizing the skin.


HADASUI Skin Moisturizer (Skin Moisturizing Lotion) 240ml 48 yuan Weakly use the weak acidic natural water necessary for the skin, specially containing plant extracts with fast penetration power, natural water from the foot of Mount Fuji, which is taken from the minerals required by the skin, to make skin feelMoisturize.


Clinique Clinique Hydrating Moisturizing Spray 125ml 280 yuan quickly and easily inject a large amount of moisture into the skin, relieve skin thirst, restore moisture balance, and strengthen the skin with a bio-active moisturizing compound formula.


SHUUEMURA Hide Marine Deep Water (Sweet Rose) 150ml 200 yuan marine deep water can activate cell energy, high skin-friendly properties and rapid penetration, is a natural moisturizer.

The fine spray quickly nourishes, soothes the skin, and helps moisturize and fix makeup.

  Message from the editor: If you think the above moisturizing products are suitable for you, then go to the counter to purchase immediately.