Good habits to help fight aging

Good habits to help fight aging

How can we delay aging?

Some good habits will help slow down your aging rate.


hzh {display: none; }  1. Sleeping and sleeping Many people have a deep-rooted view that sleep is 8 hours a day is the best for the body.

This is not exactly the case, because the quality of sleep is also good or bad.

  If you need an alarm clock to get up, you need to take a nap every day, sleep or sleep while reading a book or watching a movie, which may indicate that you are not sleeping.

  At this point, it is recommended that you choose meditation, yoga and other breathing exercises to help you fall asleep.

At the same time, keep the sleeping environment dark and quiet.

  Remember to seriously feel your physical condition and be sure to go to bed when the body sends a signal to rest.


Slow breathing is not just about controlling smoking and preventive interventions. Anything that affects breathing can have an impact on health and longevity.

Your breathing will also affect other physiological functions of the body, blood pressure, heart rate, blood circulation, body temperature and so on.

  The first step in learning to breathe is to relax the muscles of the abdomen.

When the abdominal muscles relax, the most important thing is to give yourself enough time to exhale the gas in the right way.

For example, the length of inhalation is twice the length of exhalation.


Learning to add food research shows that not eating a big meal is very important for good health.

Therefore, you should learn to add food.

  First of all, to understand your own state of drought, every 2?
3 hours, eat a small meal.

If you are going out for dinner, then eat half and take the rest home as a nightingale.

In fact, eat more fish, and choose smaller fish, sometimes wild or organic squid, fresh sardines and so on.

  Don’t forget the food of carbonated cellulose.

Take 25 grams of cellulosic food daily, such as whole wheat food, whole oatmeal food, flour rice, etc.

Other impurities of cellulose also include beans, nuts, fruits and the like.

  Supplement multivitamins every day, especially with vitamin D supplements.

In addition, resveratrol in grape juice and red wine, as well as fish oil, are good for your health.


The most important point of emotional communication is to learn how to express your feelings and tell people around you that you love them.

Also, subscribe to a magazine about love.

When you feel sad, you can open the book and see that things will get better and the pressure will disappear.

  In addition, you can also reduce the pressure by changing the environment, such as putting some beautiful plants around, hanging your favorite works of art on the board.


Rhythmic exercise with music is more discomfort than casual exercise. When the body follows the rhythm of music, heartbeat and breathing can be unified in the beautiful rhythm.

  It’s easy to integrate a natural dance scene into your life. Something you can do with music, or twist your body in the bedroom with music.

“Dancing” like this requires at least twice a week.