Interpretation of woman born to love money

Interpretation of “woman born to love money”

I spent my mind every day to spend “one acre and three cents” of expenditures, and finally got the infamy of “love money”.
But we just love it.
His monthly salary, bonus, and every income we want to know.
Fear of “men get worse when they have money”?
  Or are women born with physical properties?
Psychologists help you analyze.
Why are we passionate about managing money.
What are we going to get?
  Please look at the big screen-what to watch: the manifestation of your own value Live broadcast: Before marriage, Meimei told her husband to manage the money by herself.
A certain percentage of the salary of the old bus every month gives her home.
  As small as what to eat every day, as much as red packets, as big as what kind of kindergarten to choose for his son, and to raise money for the elderly, all these things have the final decision.
  Although the monthly income is not high, but under her careful care, the family’s life is lively and energetic, and even the leader of the husband’s unit knows that she is a good helper.
  On her 30th birthday, her newly promoted husband convened an old boy in the hotel to sing publicly.
Meimei moved to tears.
  Psychological interview: Despite the money, how much is really spent on yourself each month?
It is a bit wrong to say that Meimei “loves money”.
Because money is not an end, all she wants is when planning the use of money.
  It is a great psychological satisfaction to enjoy the feeling of domination and feeling needed.
From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, in the primitive society that requires strength to survive, women are rarely directly involved in cruel survival competition because of their fragile physical conditions.Out of its own value.
  This mentality has been inherited by female compatriots for thousands of years.
  What to watch: The need for a sense of security Live broadcast: The beauty of the place where the husband works is like a cloud, but Xiaoxi has never been worried.
One is because of the trust in her husband’s character, and the other is that she is unwilling to lose herself in order to prevent him from being derailed, and is suspicious all day.
  She is willing to spend money for her husband.
I will not talk about clothes, food, and accommodation. Her husband loves fishing and is a digital product enthusiast. She never limits it.
Last time I went to Hong Kong to play, I also brought him a limited edition fishing rod.
  However, the rest of the house, Xiaoxi insisted on taking care of herself, and the real estate certificate was also listed with their names.
Although some dissatisfaction with this mother-in-law.
But Konishi did not budge.
For her, “ownership” means much more than “right to use.”
  Psychological interview: Money gives women a sense of security. This is a fact and the most criticized.
Many men attribute this to women’s love of money.
But this psychology is almost innate.
Because women take on fertility tasks in society, the mission of continued race makes them more demanding for security.
Much higher than men.
The economic foundation is precisely the most basic source of security in modern society.
  What to watch: Family investment has advantages Live broadcast: Li Rui took over the financial power of the family two years ago. The investment-loving husband has refused to let the good because she doesn’t know how to make money.
During the period when the stock market was in full swing, her husband was even more proud.
  At the encouragement of girlfriends.Li Rui spent her usual money in the stock market, but later she was cautious and chose to retreat after making a small profit.

Therefore, her husband teased her at the dinner table.

  However, it didn’t take long for the market to change, and her husband who was fishing for a long time even lost half of his principal.

Watching his wife earn a year’s wages, but she was very weak, and the old man, who was generally determined to be cautious, Li Rui was more suitable for the small family’s financial management career.

  Psychological interview: The research organization of the University of California, Davis is on 3.

An analysis of 50,000 retail investors found that, on average, women’s investment returns are higher than men’s1.


  A survey by the International Finance Website showed that among 100,000 investment portfolios, women’s investment performance was 40% higher than men’s.

From the perspective of gender psychology, the gender role of women does not require them to be more economically successful, coupled with their inherent need for security, so it is an unsafe way to invest.

  This is different from men who like to make high-return and high-risk investments. They trust long-term returns and are more inclined to avoid risks.

Such characteristics are definitely more suitable for household investment and financial management.