How can I stay up all night to help the skin radiate these methods_3

How to rescue your skin after staying up late

Everyone knows the dangers of getting up the next day after staying up all night. After staying up all night, the skin will become dull and even a lot of skin problems will occur.

Let ‘s take a look together.

  1. Clean and clear pores No matter when you go to bed, you must do the work of clearing pores. This is how your skin can breathe well at night, and the cleaned skin can also let you follow up.Skin better absorbs nutrients, remember not to sleep with makeup, otherwise the skin will become rougher, and shell metabolites will not be discharged.

  2. Gentle cleansing When you wash your face in the morning, try to choose an amino acid facial cleanser with a mild nature. This can properly repair and care for the morning skin, and then your skin is indoors at night.Because it suffers less pollution from the outside, it only needs a simple amino acid facial cleanser.

  3, emergency eye bags swell Many people who stay up late will be accompanied by the imagination of panda eyes big eyes bags, then at this time you must remember to apply tea to the eyes again, so that your puffy bags and dark circles will be effectively relieved,As long as you persist for about a week, the skin of your eyes will also be significantly improved.

  4, after hydration stay up all night must remember to do the skin hydration required, because the skin tortured overnight must be very dehydrated, so we must use some skin care products with powerful hydrating ingredients, so although it can notImmediately relieve your burned skin, but at the very least, as long as you do this step, the skin will be slowly and effectively repaired.

  5, hydration to maintain metabolism at night is actually the most vigorous time of our body’s metabolism, so it takes a lot of water to consume, especially after 10 o’clock in the evening, if you often stay up late, the water in the skin must be a lot of loss, Then at this time if there is no maintenance of water, the skin will not get an effective metabolism.

The metabolites on the skin in the body cannot be excreted in time, and stay in the skin, the skin will be very dull, so after cleaning your face, you must remember to do the work of hydrating your skin.

  6. Anti-oxidant scavenging free radicals is the most harmful to the skin. Once it causes your skin to get worse and worse, it will produce a variety of spots. The melanin deposits will produce a lot of free radicals if you stay up late for a long time.The most effective way to resist excessive free radicals is to eliminate them in an antioxidant manner.

So try to use some essences or creams with high-efficiency anti-oxidant ingredients on the night skin care step block. After the hydration is sufficient, the excess free radicals will be eliminated.