Summer porridge is the most supportive!


Recommend 6 “Summer Congee”

Summer porridge is the most supportive!
Recommend 6 “Summer Congee”

In the summer, the hot weather always makes people feel unsatisfied.

If you don’t eat well, you naturally can’t make up your energy.

Porridge can almost fill the stomach, as well as the sweet taste, easy to digest and so on, and is favored by too many people.

Drinking porridge in summer is a hot summer weather. Many people are used to sitting in air-conditioned rooms and eating cold food to cool off.

Yang Li believes that foods that are too cold in the summer will only be relieved for a while, and they cannot really cool off.

In summer, the yang is the most prosperous, the body’s metabolism is strong, and the loss of water from the body fluid evaporates, which is the most vulnerable to gas consumption.

At this time, the diet should be light and easy to digest. Don’t eat too much cold and greasy food.

If you can drink some porridge at this time, you can replenish the water that your body needs. You can also use the rich ingredients to nourish your body and prevent disease.

The porridge has the characteristics of warm, soft, light, fragrant, sticky, easy to absorb, and protects the gastric mucosa and adds body fluid.

Especially the porridge is a layer of sticky material floating on it. It is called “rice oil” in Chinese medicine. It has a strong nourishing effect and can even be compared with ginseng soup.

Experts recommend 6 big health porridge that summer really drink porridge?

Several experts recommend several congees and teach you the right way.

Watermelon skin mung bean porridge watermelon skin is beneficial to urinary function, but also clearing heat and relieving heat.

Mung beans can also heat up the fire, heatstroke and detoxification, or a good product of raising the spleen and stomach, with the effect of clearing away heat and dispelling heat and diuresis.

Practice: first cook rice and green beans in a pot for 10 minutes, cut off the hard skin of watermelon rind, cut into diced, add to the pot, boil with high heat, then turn to porridge with low heat, add some when eatingWhite sugar or dried tangerine peel.

Lotus lily porridge lily has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, clearing the heart and calming the nerves.

The lotus seed is flat and can nourish the heart and calm the nerves.

This porridge is sweet and fragrant, often taking food can strengthen the stomach and spleen, has a good effect on indigestion, loss of appetite, and the effect of beauty stationing.

Practice: Cut the lily into small pieces, soak the lotus seeds with hot water, then add rice and a hundred contracts to cook. After the water is boiled, add the lotus seeds and jujube, and continue to cook until cooked.

Winter melon lean meat porridge Winter melon is a cool vegetable suitable for eating in summer. It has the effect of thirst, heat and heat.

Cooked with rice and lean meat, it can clear away heat and detoxify, spleen and diuretic, and has the effect of losing weight. It is suitable for eating when you are hot and tired.

Practice: After the rice is boiled for 25 minutes, cut the melon into small cubes, add the salt to the pork stuffing, mix well with the wet starch, and continue to cook for 10 minutes.

Loofah porridge and loofah are sweet and cool, which can relieve the troubles of summer heat.

Edible loofah porridge can prevent heat, heat and phlegm, dampness and detoxification.

People who are hot and thirsty, coughing and coughing can eat more.

Practice: first put the rice into the pot and boil it with high heat, then use a small fire to cook until six mature.

Wash and peel the loofah, cut into large pieces of beans and add to the porridge. Cook until the porridge is cooked and ready to eat.

Bitter gourd chrysanthemum porridge bitter gourd has a unique bitter taste, can suppress the excessive temperature of the body temperature, can clear away heat and detoxification, clear heart and eyesight.

Chrysanthemum is cool and sweet, with the effect of clearing heat and dispersing wind.

This porridge can clear the heat of the heat, and people with symptoms of heatstroke and polydipsia do not hinder eating more.

Practice: Wash the rice and chrysanthemum into the pot and boil until the water is opened. After the bitter gourd is cut into pieces, add it to the pot with the rock sugar, and cook it with a small fire until the rice porridge is thick.

Lotus leaf lotus porridge lotus root sweet and sour liquid, eat more in the summer to increase appetite; lotus leaf cool, its unique fragrance can cool the heat and dampness, dilated and stopped bleeding.

Therefore, lotus leaf lotus porridge has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, reducing blood pressure and lowering fat, and can alleviate dizziness and nausea caused by summer heat, and eat less bloating and other symptoms.

Practice: first wash the lotus leaves and chop them, put them into the pot, boil the water and boil the lotus leaves, leave the juice, and then cut the lotus root into small pieces, add the juice together with the rice to cook the gruel, add sugar to tasteAfter eating again.

No matter how good the porridge is, it is not good to drink porridge, but it is not omnipotent. In particular, avoid the following misunderstandings.

Three meals can not always drink porridge porridge is a liquid food, in terms of nutrition and the same volume of rice is worse.And the porridge is not full, and I feel full when I eat, but I am hungry soon.

Over time, older people are malnourished due to inadequate energy and nutrient intake.

Therefore, pay attention to balanced nutrition when drinking porridge, cook the porridge thicker, with a meat dish, or eat some snacks between meals.

Ice porridge is not an ice porridge is a hot food in summer, but it is not suitable for cold and cold, weak elderly and children.

When the ice porridge is drunk, there is almost no clogging of the pores of the human body, which makes the metabolic waste difficult to excrete, and may affect the gastrointestinal function.

Diabetes people drink porridge to the right amount Chen Xiafei believes that diabetic patients are generally more likely to be hungry, and porridge has the characteristics of fast digestion, so it is easy to let people eat quickly and want to eat.

Porridge itself is easily absorbed by the body in the short term, causing blood sugar to rise rapidly or change too much.

It is recommended that diabetic patients should drink porridge in moderation, one small bowl at a time.

People with bad stomachs drink too much and think that porridge raises the stomach, but in fact, this view is not comprehensive.

Because drinking porridge does not need to chew slowly, it can not promote the secretion of oral salivary glands that can help digestion and digestion; and the porridge with high water content will reduce the effect of stomach acid, accelerate the expansion of the stomach and slow the stomach movement after entering the stomach.It is also not conducive to digestion.

Therefore, patients with stomach diseases should not always drink porridge, but should choose other diets that are easy to digest and absorb, chew slowly and promote digestion.