[Can pregnant women eat iron folic acid tablets?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat iron folic acid tablets?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

It is possible that many people have taken iron folic acid tablets. The most prominent effect of this drug is to supplement folic acid and iron.

In life, there are several types of people who eat iron folic acid tablets more. First, women, women lose blood due to menstruation every month, so they are prone to anemia. After anemia, cold hands and feet, pale faces, etc., eat folic acid at this time.Iron flakes have a very good effect. In addition, women who are preparing for pregnancy need to supplement folic acid at this time, so they can also eat folic acid flakes at this time.

In fact, iron folic acid tablets also have many effects such as improving fatigue in drugs, so can women during pregnancy eat iron folic acid tablets?

First, the health effects of iron folic acid tablets1, iron and folic acid supplementation2, anemia improvement, anti-fatigue3, iron and folic acid supplementation in pregnant women can promote the normal development of obesity4, prevention of low birth weight children, prevention of obesity deformity2Iron tablets can pregnant women eat ferrous folic acid tablets can effectively supplement iron, folic acid, vitamin C and B6.

Enhance metabolism and improve immunity.

Stimulate the synthesis of hemoglobin and myoglobin to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia.

Help population development and prevent the occurrence of hypertension neural tube defects.

Ferrous folic acid tablets can regulate gastrointestinal function and help stabilize the mental state.

So, can pregnant women eat ferrous folic acid tablets?

Pregnant women can take ferrous folic acid tablets. Ferrous folic acid tablets are used to supplement iron and folic acid.

One of the Folicacid vitamin B complexes, equivalent to pteroylglutamicacid (PGA), is Mitchell (H.


Mitchell, 1941) was extracted from spinach leaves and was named folic acid.

It has the effect of promoting the maturation of young cells in the bone marrow. Humans such as folic acid deficiency can cause giant red blood cell anemia and leukopenia, which is especially important for pregnant women.

Iron supplementation is an additional supplement to the human body through food or drug methods. A suitable amount of inorganic iron or organic iron compounds can supplement iron to achieve physical fitness, prevent or assist in the treatment of diseases.

Self-assessment through relevant data or visits to relevant medical institutions to determine the body’s iron deficiency, according to this process, the iron element is gradually supplemented through food or drug methods to achieve the ultimate therapeutic or health purpose.

The benefits of taking ferrous folic acid tablets are to enhance metabolism and improve immunity.

Third, however, there are certain alternatives to taking too much folic acid.

1. Excessive intake of folic acid will interfere with the effect of anticonvulsant drugs and cause seizures in patients.

Oral intake of folic acid in normal people reaches 350 micrograms may affect the absorption of zinc, resulting in zinc deficiency, retarded growth and development, and increased low birth weight infants.

2. Excessive intake of folic acid can mask early manifestations of vitamin deficiency and cause damage to the nervous system.

3. Adverse reactions caused by excessive intake of folic acid. Taking a large amount of folic acid for a long time can cause digestive symptoms such as anorexia, nausea, and bloating, and yellow urine appears.

4. Oral administration of folic acid can quickly improve megaloblastic anemia, but it cannot prevent the progress of neurological damage caused by vitamin deficiency. If folic acid is still taken in large doses, it can further reduce the vitamin content in the serum and make nerve damage impossible.Reverse development.